Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey is proud to offer two annual scholarships exclusively for ADTNJ Members.

ADTNJ Member Scholarship - ADTNJ will award one member a $250.00 scholarship to attend an educational program of their choice.  ADTNJ will reimburse the winner upon receipt of registration confirmation from the educational program of their choice dated within one year of the award.

ADTNJ New Member Scholarship - ADTNJ will award one member of less than 3 years a $90.00 dues payment for the following season.

Requirements for ADTNJ Member Scholarships:

  • Applicant must be an ADTNJ Member in good standing (dues paid).
  • Member must attend two of the three annual events (fall workshop, winter workshop, and/or networks) sponsored by ADTNJ.
  • Member must submit an application with their name and contact information during the winter workshop.
  • Once a member is awarded a scholarship, they are ineligible to apply for 5 years.

Scholarships will be awarded annually at the conclusion of the winter workshop.