Membership in Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey also entitles you to participate in our new network opportunity "Teacher Talks."  Once a year, our member teachers gather to discuss and share a variety of topics and ideas to advance and improve the art of teaching dance as well as the dance studio business. Guest speakers, Q&A sessions, and other formats help each ADTNJ member become better dance educators.  

The Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey are proud to be members of UNITY - Unity of America's Dance Organizations which entitles our members the ability to apply for professional development scholarships and grants.

Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey takes great pride in providing an environment of true camaraderie amongst our fellow teachers.  Many, many lifelong friendships can be traced back to membership in ADT-NJ.  Please consider joining us if you are searching for a special group of people who:

  • Share your desire to pass on their love of dance
  • Realize that good dance teachers continually study
  • Mutually support and understand the unique trials and tribulations of being a dance educator. 

Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey also is proud to offer two annual ADT-NJ Member Scholarships, honoring past ADT-NJ Member Roseanna E. Smith, based on participation in our events.

Our Dance Workshops, held in the Fall and Winter, bring top of the line master classes right here to New Jersey.  Members of Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey may attend them for FREE! Students of Member Teachers may attend at a significant discount!  Over the years, some of our most popular master teachers have included the likes of Debbie Dee, Frank Hatchett, Steve Sirico, Angela D'Valda Sirico, Sarah Jo Fazio, Debra Mitchell, Patricia Dickinson, Jo Rowan, Sheila Barker, Chio, Jeff Shade, Elizabeth Parkinson, Lainie Munroe, Jamie Salmon, Justin Boccitto, Jim Cooney, Q, Michelle Barber, and many more!

About ADT-NJ

We, at The Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey, were so honored to be chosen as one of the inaugural recipients of the UDMA's "Dedication to Dance" award in October 2009.  The United Dance Merchants of America (UDMA) honored "organizations and/or people who have shown untiring, remarkable dedication to the dance industry and who have fulfilled the needs of Dance Studios and Dance Teachers through extraordinary means."

Every ADT-NJ Member is important and valued.​​

Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey is a non-profit professional organization for dance teachers established in 1936.  There are many facets of our organization which serve our fellow dance teachers and their students as well as the New Jersey dance community. 

ADT-NJ provides an outlet for deserving students of our member teachers to win Scholarships.  The Senior Dance Scholarship, honoring past ADT-NJ Member Frances L. Chalif and her brother, Amos Chalif, is awarded annually to three high school students based upon audition.  The Junior/Teen Essay Scholarship is awarded annually to ten students aged 7 through 8th grade. Workshop Scholarships are awarded to students at ADT-NJ workshops based upon dress code, positive attitude, active participation in the class, dance etiquette, enthusiasm for the work being presented, and effort expended during the classes.