​​ADT-NJ Member Scholarships - honoring past ADT-NJ Member Roseanna E. Smith, two member scholarships are offered annually exclusive to ADT-NJ Members based upon participation in our yearly events.


Senior Dance Scholarship – honoring past ADT-NJ Member Frances L. Chalif and her brother, Amos Chalif, the Senior Scholarship is awarded annually to high school students of ADT-NJ members in good standing.  A monetary scholarship is awarded based on audition.  Details and restrictions apply. 


Junior/Teen Essay Scholarship – offered annually to ADT-NJ members' students 7 years old through 8th grade, the Junior/Teen Essay Scholarship awards a free ADT-NJ workshop to 10 successful candidates.  Details and restrictions apply.


ADT-NJ Website Link – as an ADT-NJ member, you will be listed on the ADT-NJ website as a member in good standing and you can provide studio website and email as a link to your studio. 


Eligibility to apply for Professional Development Scholarships and Grants through ADT-NJ's Membership in UNITY.



Membership is available to all dance teachers nineteen years of age or older who have taught dance for a minimum of three consecutive years.  Applicants must be of good moral character and reputation and be actively engaged in the teaching of dance through ownership of a school, operation of a school, employment at a dance or performing arts school, college or accepted dance program.  Proof of such employment or position is required with your application.  The applicants shall be examined by the Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey as to their knowledge of one or more discipline(s) of dance they teach.  Members in good standing of DMA or DEA are accepted without additional examinations, by submitting proof of such membership.


ADT-NJ'S Mission:

To advance and improve the teaching of dance.

To provide members the opportunity to network with fellow teachers to discuss ideas, problems and conditions of their prestigious profession.  

To serve the membership by welcoming suggestions, thereby making ADTNJ the “members’ organization.”

To encourage integrity among its members by setting the highest ethical standards of our profession. 

To encourage friendship and fellowship among its members. 

To provide educational opportunities for dance educators and their students that may not otherwise be afforded them.

To ensure that EVERY ADTNJ Member is important and valued.





Shall promote professionalism and keep dance instruction standards high.

Shall give the highest respect to our profession and to those within it.

Shall develop good business ethics and good will among fellow teachers and competitors.

Shall act to prevent false and misleading advertising and publicity.

Shall not discredit, malign or in any way cast reflections on the ability of another school or teacher

Shall try to effect municipal, state and national legislation for the furthering of the artistic ideals and the economic welfare of its members.

Shall refrain from attempts to hire the services or staff members and employees of another school without the consent of that school.

Shall not solicit students of other member teachers or other schools.

Shall condemn the charging of fees which degrade the dignity of the dance teaching profession.

Shall be bound by the necessity of constant study acknowledging that Dance is a Living Art.

Shall show enthusiastic cooperation in all ADTNJ activities and to attend and support at least two thirds of the association’s workshops, meetings or events.

Shall always strive to have responsibility, integrity and honor prevail in every aspect of dance and the dance business.  


​What To Expect From The ADT-NJ Exam




Free Workshops – unlike other dance organizations that charge their members workshop fees in addition to their annual dues, ADT-NJ is proud to offer two FREE annual workshops to all members in good standing, plus discounts for their assistants and students.

Outstanding Workshop Faculty – we bring to our members the best master teachers and dance educators from across the country.  ADT-NJ members receive new, usable, up-to-date material in the form of dance combinations, routines and techniques in all the genres of dance.

Certification – upon acceptance into membership, ADT-NJ members receive a certificate which recognizes their proven ability as a dance teacher governed by a strict code of professional ethics.  Membership ensures your students of your qualifications to teach dance. 

Teacher Talk” – a gathering of member teachers to discuss and share a variety of topics and ideas relating to the teaching of dance and the dance studio business.  Guest speakers, Q&A sessions and other formats help each ADT-NJ member become better dance educators while promoting camaraderie within the ADT-NJ membership.