New Member Scholarship Winner:

Brady Ceppaluni 

Member Scholarship Winner:

Ellen Smith


Past Winners

Roseanna E. Smith

Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey is proud to offer two annual scholarships honoring Roseanna E. Smith, exclusively for ADT-NJ Members.

As you may know, our most loved and longest standing Member, Board Member, and Past-President, Miss Roseanna passed away on May 3rd, 2017.  We are honored to inform you that our ADT-NJ Member Scholarships have been re-named to the "Roseanna E. Smith Member Scholarships" in her honor.  

The first member scholarships were awarded in January 2017.  The scholarship is solely funded by ADT-NJ and it is awarded annually at our Winter Workshop to ADT-NJ members in good standing.

ADT-NJ Member Scholarship - ADT-NJ will award one member a $250.00 scholarship to attend an educational program of their choice.  ADT-NJ will reimburse the winner upon receipt of registration confirmation from the educational program of their choice dated within one year of the award.

ADT-NJ New Member Scholarship - ADT-NJ will award one member of less than 3 years their full dues payment for the following season.

Requirements for ADT-NJ Member Scholarships:

  • Applicant must be an ADT-NJ Member in good standing (dues paid).
  • Member must attend two of the three annual events (fall workshop, winter workshop, and/or networks) sponsored by ADT-NJ.
  • Member must submit an application with their name and contact information during the winter workshop.
  • Once a member is awarded a scholarship, they are ineligible to apply for 5 years.

Scholarships will be awarded annually at the conclusion of the winter workshop.

Roseanna E. Smith January 2023 Member Scholarship Winners